Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Success-Briefly defined and understood

The philosophy of success varies from one successful person to another. The more you'd look for, the more and the more different interpretations and explanations of success you would come across. Some say success is all about winning while some say success is all about winning consistently. Some also say that success is all about the number of times you get up once you fall; some say success is about thinking you can and you will. So what is the best definition and the best interpretation and explanation of success? What is the most appropriate philosophy of success?

If a person has all the resources he needs to achieve his goal and he achieves it, this is what I called ordinary success. i.e. if an athlete steps on the race track with a desire and belief to win and he is in fact the fittest and the fastest among others, and if he wins, that's ordinary success.

Now if a person who has inadequate or insufficient resources all together for achieving his goal and if he is able to achieve it still, then this is what I call extra-ordinary success. i.e. if an underdog boxer comes out as the winner in a heavyweight bout, then its success is extra-ordinary. (remember Rocky?)

So what makes a person achieve extra-ordinary success? The following should help us understand:

1. Desire:

For a person to achieve something, he ought to have a desire for it. The desire forces thinking and regulates his efforts towards achieving that goal. To be precise desire is what pushes a person to work hard and go that one step further. Desire instills persistence, resistance to distractions and ensures a flow of energy all the time. It is the impetus for everything in the direction of achievement.

2. Belief:

It could be said that desire and belief are indeed one and the same thing. But they are grossly different. A desire is a longing while a belief is a feeling of being able to achieve what one has a desire for. Indeed many would tell you that they have a desire to be a professional soccer player or a cricketer or someone like Bill Gates etc, but ask them if they believe they can? Belief is what sustains a desire throughout one's pursuit of achievement. Without belief all desire is worthless. It also helps us release positive energy and attract the same.

3. Skill:

Skill is the ability not a capability. Capability is one's potential. Potential when polished becomes skill. Skill is what come in use when working for your goal. It has to be relevant to your aim otherwise your efforts will never bear fruit. One can turn his potential into his skill by practice only. This practice is a combination of working with inherited as well as acquired knowledge about a particular characteristic and applying the same again and again, till one becomes experienced and a master at it.

4. Timing:

Every dog has his day, as we say, but its quite true. Time can play a major role in one achieving and one failing to achieve. Time is a quantity which has a direct link with energy that surrounds us. We are all made up of energy and attract different types of energy at different times. Hence, the timing of the kind of energy we release will determine the kind of energy we attract from our surroundings. So, its advisable that we remain positive at all times, no matter what the circumstances.

5. Natural Law:

This is something perhaps beyond one's control. It is something knitted in the fabric of universe. Like no one thing remains the same or should I say, change is the only constant, so are success and failure prone to change. An individual in life can become no.1 and stay no.1 but not forever. Similarly, what is a zero today may climb up the ladder one day but how much, depends upon the aforesaid factors also.

6. Planning:
Failing to plan is like planning to fail, and yes, we know this by heart, and why shouldn't we? Planning provides a system for you to follow to achieve your goal. The whole universe runs according to a system, so how can you do without it? Planning has the quality of providing for you even if it's the eleventh hour. It helps you become efficient and effective and also keep a track of your performance in achieving your target.

Moreover, when a successful process of extra-ordinary success is repeated once it has achieved the desired goal, any further achievement will no more be extra-ordinary but ordinary. And the many times ordinary success is achieved, the more consistently one shall remain successful. And if one is at the bottom, then each cycle shall help him rise toward the top gradually.

This is how success can be defined and understood, perhaps.

Thank you very much for your patient reading.

Mustafa Mustansir, CFC

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