Wednesday, 21 December 2011

5 Minute Reading Series-pt.1

Hi folks,

Indeed one has come alone and so shall he leave this world on his own. Every relation is as worthless as a particle of dust rather even more worthless. A man experiences two types of relationships over the span of his life: 1. Relationships contingent on purpose and 2. Relationships contingent on priority. Let us examine each in detail.

1. Relationships contingent on purpose: These kinds of relationships are mostly the strongest in one's life i.e. parents, spouse etc. But the strength and all together, the existence of such relationships is all based on some purpose. A purpose which connects the parties to the relationship, unifying them to such an extent, that the parties begin to ignore the existence of a purpose for which they are sharing the relationship. At times they may find themselves so engulfed and taken by it, that nothing else seems more important then satisfying the needs of such relationships. But are they really that important?

2. Relationships contingent on priority: These are the next strongest relationships a person has in life and they include his friends, the extended family, work partners etc. The basis of such relationships is superficial, and gradually, as time moves on,the existence and the effectiveness and the satisfaction derived from such relationships is decided by one factor. That factor is 'priority'. To what extent the parties to the relationship see it to be a priority in their lives, will determine its strength. This calls for equal contribution from all sides, in order to create and sustain the equilibrium, unlike in (1), where the purpose supersedes individual priorities.

-To be continued-