Sunday, 17 July 2011

An urgent call!

Dear Readers!

Despite all the environment issues, our Planet still produces abundant food and potable water to feed the whole humanity sufficiently! Every year billions of dollars of surplus food produce is dumped in the seas by the developed nations, only for the sake of protecting their domestic farmers' incomes, so that they may grow the produce again next year and it goes on! If only we could overcome our hypocrisy and donate the surplus to the poor, especially to Africa, crisis could be averted. But we don't!

This is an urgent call! After reading this, THINK before you take your next meal or even take your next sip of water, POTABLE water-even the water for our domestic uses other than for drinking, is a thousand times clean than what 10 million people in the arid areas of East Africa have for now.

Even dirty water is scarce for them! No food! No water! Under open skies, these representatives of human race, are fighting a war of life and death. Stricken by disease and utterly malnourished, these people need our help desperately!

Please follow and also forward the given links and donate for humanity generously:

This is an emergency! Please help!

Thank you for your patience!

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