Saturday, 7 January 2012

5 Min Reading pt 2

Hi folks,

Its strange how sometimes in life one comes across people who are complete aliens and they turn out to be the best part of your life. Its quite a norm actually. My friend Francois met an old man in the tube sometime ago. He certainly didn't know him but he took a seat next to him. The old man introduced himself as Pascal, and told him that he ran a bakery in Paris city center. Francois told him about himself.

He asked Pascal where was he headed, and he replied that he was headed for a funeral. Francois asked, whose funeral was he going to, and he replied calmly that he was going to the funeral of his daughter. She'd been fired from her job, and had been unemployed since six months. She'd committed a suicide.

Francois was amazed to see his pleasant reaction and a generous smile on his face. He couldn't keep it and asked, "Why is it that you're smiling? Aren't you sorry about your daughter's demise?" The old man replied, "I am sorry about her death. But I cannot afford to cry or feel sad for even a moment. Because, my sorrow won't bring her back. She gave up to life, and killed herself. I can't afford to fall weak against life and be sad or sorry. I will remain defiant!"

Francois was stunned at his passionate reply. He'd just been fired from his job too, and was thinking of killing himself somehow. But he would not do it now. He disembarked the train on the next station, and went home by bus. Two weeks later, he started a cleaning business, which now employs over 500 people!


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