Sunday, 5 June 2011

First Post

Hi readers,

This happens to be my very first post and I am glad to take this opportunity to welcome all the readers. 

Anyways, I will begin by talking about my very first book. It's called 1st of March, available on for purchase and other online bookstores like amazon, ebay, ibookstore etc. It was written in 2010. I had begun working on it in September 2010 and finished it in April 2011. It is a work of fiction but inspired by real life situations and in some cases, situations from my own life.  

Often it is assumed that people from the elite business class, have lesser room for valuing emotions and family ties, owing to their environment and the goal of profit. This book proves this wrong! It showcases the events from the life of a young man, Steve, who is an orphan looked after by a billionaire and then, is named his heir. He is different from the most of his age. He finds the love of life in Tanya, unexpectedly. But on 1st of March his life changes forever. As all the merry turns to sorrow, and he's drowned in depression, and desperate to get out. Almost six years later, on 1st of March, his life changes yet again!

The story begins in a Paris cemetery, where an abandoned body is found. Who's body is it?
And then the story moves to London. Why?
And then, it moves to the US. Why again?
And then, back to London. Why?
And then, eventually ends in Paris. Again...Why?

I will leave you guys without an answer to the above questions. But here's a tip, 'READ IT FOR YOURSELVES'. LOL.

Thank you very much for your patient reading.
Have a nice day!

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