Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In to Win

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In this post I shall discuss my second book, titled, In to Win. A crime/thriller novel. I began working on it in October 2010 and finished it by December 2010, literally two months! For the time invested, it is still a masterpiece that makes me proud.

This book is quite special for me because of its vivid and an extremely engulfing plot. The book begins with the murder of five people of a family, professionally whose bodies are loaded in a truck and then the truck abandoned in the Baton Rouge Mall parking lot, with a notification sent to Detective Sergeant Robert Knowles of the Baton Rouge Police Department Homicide Division.

In the morning, when Detective Sergeant Robert Knowles arrives for work, he receives an envelope, opening it, he is welcomed by the news of the deposited bodies at the Mall. Ignoring the fact it could be a joke or a prank, he sets-out for the Mall and within hours, a truck with five bodies is found and the investigation kicked-off!

What happens next? Well...all I can say is that initial investigation develops complexly, but leads to a dead end. However, a phone call to Detective Michael Cook, Knowles' team member, by a notorious man, gives the investigation a new life! The investigation then expands to Europe, involving the FBI, the Interpol and the Italian police, and open on two fronts; one in America and the other in Europe (Italy and Ukraine), exposing a Mafia conspiracy, and leading to the arrest of the assassin, ultimately.

Anyways, for all the thrill, the action and the mystery, this book is a treat for all types of audience and as the author of the book, I can guarantee you guys, a reading full of pleasure!

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